w e a t h e r   r e v i e w s    f o r   2 0 1 8

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Headline:  A milder month than December with relatively few air frosts and a predominance of west or south-westerly winds.


Headline:  A cold, but generally changeable pattern of weather for the first half of the month, then turning briefly milder before the onset of exceptionally cold air and snow showers imported from Siberia – ‘the Beast from the East’.


Headline:  A cool and unsettled start to Spring. Two very cold episodes accompanied by cold winds and snow.


Headline:  A brief spell of unseasonal warmth during the third week resulting in the warmest April day on record in Northampton. Otherwise, unsettled with some grey and misty days early in the month.


Headline:  Warm spells at both ends of the month, but with conditions more changeable in between.


Headline:  Dry with prolonged spells of strong sunshine. Driest June in Northampton since 1925. Only 0.2mm recorded throughout the whole of the month.


Headline:  Continuing dry, sunny and very warm and with much of the country under the influence of the Azores high for much of the month.


Headline:  Continuing hot during the first week then becoming cooler. Rainfall returning to near normal following a prolonged dry spell.


Headline:  A fine start, but turning gradually more unsettled later on the month. Breezy at times linked to the first storms of the Autumn season passing to the north-west, but rainfall amounts relatively low.


Headline:  Generally rather changeable. Becoming very warm towards the end of the second week and ending cold with an Arctic blast. Some good sunny days.


Headline:  Very autumnal with some cool, grey and damp days.  Blocking systems from mid-month onwards introduced spells of anticyclonic gloom.