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A summary of notable weather events from across Northamptonshire.

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16 & 17 January

First recorded snowfall of the winter season at Pitsford. Heavy rain during the afternoon turns to sleet and then snow overnight on the 16th into the 17th  as temperatures fall. Snow showers clear early on the 17th to leave a fine day. Accumulations are slight with only 1cm of lying snow in the Met Office enclosure.

22 January

Further falls of snow recorded at Pitsford. Again accumulations are slight, but with temperatures remaining close to freezing for a couple of days, 1cm of snow continues to lie for a couple of days.

The Met Office enclosure at Pitsford on the morning of the 23rd January with a thin dusting of snow.

30 & 31 January

Coldest night of the year so far at Pitsford with air minima falling to -6.0C and grass minimum temperature recorded of -20.3C, one of the coldest grass minimums recorded by the weather centre at Pitsford. Limited amounts of lying snow from a brief snow event late on the 29th. Daytime temperatures on the 31st struggle at 3.5C.

25 February

The gradual rise in temperature through February places daytime temperatures significantly above the seasonal average with the warmest February day on record for Northampton being recorded at Pitsford on the 25th. The maximum of 17.9C, repeated again on the 26th, beats the previous February record of 17.8C recorded in 1982.

Above: Trend of daytime maxima and minima at the Met Office monitoring site at Pitsford showing the exceptional warmth towards the end of the month and the record temperatures recorded on the 25th and 26th. Click on the image to enlarge into a new window.

 Averages used in these reports refer to the period 1981-2010 unless otherwise indicated.