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A summary of notable weather events from across Northamptonshire.

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15 January

Notable double rainbow observed at Pitsford during the afternoon just before the arrival of a cold front.

17 January

The county is hit by strong winds, gusting to 62mph at Pitsford and even higher at other locations across the county. Winds of up to 71mph are recorded at Brixworth. Up to 35,000 homes lose power across England and Wales, and transport is badly impacted with bridges closing, ferries being cancelled and roads and railways blocked by fallen trees. The Met Office is criticised for not naming the storm which was later christened Storm David by the French meteorological service. David quickly followed on the heals of Storm Fionn which affected Ireland. Parts of the county experienced some minor structural damage, but the impact was more severe elsewhere where gusts of up to 95mph were recorded.

Above: Recordings of pressure, average 10 minute wind speed and maximum gusts recorded at Pitsford Weather Centre from 06:00hrs on the 17th during the passage of Storm David.

Above: Synoptic chart showing the position of Storm David at 00:00hrs on the 18th.

21 January

The county wakes to a covering of snow and further significant snowfall during the course of the morning that results in slippery stretches on much of the county's road network for a time before the snow is finally replaced by heavy rain through the afternoon.


Above: Snowfields west of Brixworth rapidly disappearing with the arrival of rain during the afternoon of the 21st. 

 Averages used in these reports refer to the period 1981-2010 unless otherwise indicated.