released at 08:40 on Sunday 17 February 2019


Low pressure south of Iceland will drive frontal systems eastwards across the UK, but their impact will be felt mainly across northern and western areas.


In contrast to yeserday, we are looking at a bright and sunny outlook across the county. Unfortunately, the sunshine won't last too long as cloud amounts increase from the west during the course of the afternoon. Some of this cloud could have one or two light showers mixed in, although most places will escape with a largely dry day. It will be dry again by evening and overnight will remain rather cloudy, perhaps breaking up more towards dawn. Highs today will reach a mild 13C with a mainly gentle breeze from the south-west.


The pattern of weather through Monday will be very similar to today. There will be some brightness around during the morning, but then the cloud will set in for the afternoon bringing the risk of isolated light showers. Highs will reach 11C still with a gentle breeze from the south-west, perhaps veering more westerly later. It will be dry again by evening and clearing skies overnight will see temperatures sliding away to 3C. High pressure to the south will be influencing the weather on Tuesday. A fine day is expected, again with some sunshine through the morning. Cloud amounts will increase as per usual into the afternoon, but this time it will remain dry for all. Highs will reach 10C falling overnight to 6C. Winds will be light and westerly, perhaps becoming gentle later in the day.