released at 07:30 on Friday 14 December 2018


The situation remains largely unchanged with high pressure over Scandinavia keeping frontal systems at bay further west. However, this high will lose its influence tomorrow as frontal systems track eastwards.


It's going to remain a largely cloudy picture across the county today, although some brighter sunnier spells may emerge from time to time in areas further west. It will remain cold with temperatures at best reaching 4C with just a light breeze from the south or south-east. There is just a small chance that some of the cloud further east may see some light flurries of snow through the afternoon. Temperatures will fall widely below freezing overnight to around -1C and we will notice the wind also picking up towards dawn. However, it will remain dry overnight.


Outbreaks of rain will be spreading across from the west during tomorrow. Initially, we thought that there would be some snow on its leading edge but now it will be mainly light rain at first, this rain turning increasingly heavy through the afternoon accompanied by a freshening south or south-westerly breeze which could become strong at times throug the afternoon. It will still be raining during the evening, but the wind will tend to die and back and veer to a gentle to moderate westerly. The rain will finally clear overnight. Highs tomorrow will struggle with highs reaching just 3C and showing little sign of change overnight, perhaps falling a degree or two. Sunday should be a fine day across the county with the any rain passing further to the south. We should enjoy some spells of sunshine and with a light south-westerly introducing milder air, temperatures will climb to around 8C. It will turn cloudy for a time during the evening, but this should clear overnight to allow temperatures to fall away to around 2C.