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Note: The climatological data contained in this diary is based on the output of the automatic weather station. Click here to access official data from the Met Office.

1st: A dry, but cloudy day with light winds. Max. 8.8 °C Min. 4.2 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 17.9 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

2nd: A fine day with varying amounts of sunshine, more especially during the late afternoon and evening. Wind freshening through the morning, but easing later. Max. 12.5 °C Min. 5.5 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 33.1 mph Sunshine 4.1 hrs

3rd: A mostly cloudy day. Some occasional glimmers of sunshine. Winds generally light. Max. 12.6 °C Min. 3.3 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 16.6 mph Sunshine 1.4 hrs

4th: A fine day with prolonged spells of sunshine and just a light breeze. Becoming mild. Max. 15.6 °C Min. 4.7 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 20.6 mph Sunshine 10.0 hrs

5th: A warm day with prolonged spells of sunshine, although turning a little cloudy for a time during the afternoon with a brisk breeze. Outbreaks of rain overnight into the 6th. Max. 20.0 °C Min. 9.9 °C Rain 0.3 mm Gust 31.5 mph Sunshine 9.0 hrs

6th: A fine day again, mild with good spells of sunshine. Max. 16.3 °C Min. 3.4 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 22.4 mph Sunshine 5.8 hrs

7th: Continuing fine and dry with lengthy spells of warm sunshine and negligible breeze. Max. 19.2 °C Min. 5.9 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 13.9 mph Sunshine 9.0 hrs

8th: Another fine day and again with lengthy spells of warm Spring sunshine and hardly a breath of wind. Max. 21.9 °C Min. 8.6 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 4.5 mph Sunshine 8.8 hrs

9th: Continuing fine and day with plenty of warm Spring sunshine. Max. 22.0 °C Min. 7.1 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 17.2 mph Sunshine 7.5 hrs


*to be confirmed