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Note: The climatological data contained in this diary is based on the output of the automatic weather station. Click here to access official data from the Met Office.

1st: A fine day with lengthy spells of sunshine, but feeling cold in a brisk wind. Outbreaks of rain overnight into the 2nd. Max. 11.1 °C Min. 4.5 °C Rain 3.6 mm Gust 37.4 mph Sunshine 5.1 hrs

2nd: Overnight rain clearing leaving a fine day and dry day. Largely cloudy, but with some brighter spells chiefly through the late morning. Max. 13.1 °C Min. 7.0 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 28.6 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

3rd: A dry day with the cloud breaking to reveal spells of sunshine. Turning windier later in the day. Max. 10.1 °C Min. 3.0 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 28.4 mph Sunshine 3.2 hrs

4th: A dry day, largely cloudy and becoming very windy by the middle part of the day; the wind easing down later with a cold night to follow. Max. 8.5 °C Min. 1.7 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 46.3 mph Sunshine 0.8 hrs

5th: Winds falling light. Some mist around dawn, but otherwise a fine day with spells of sunshine. Max. 9.1 °C Min. -0.5 °C Rain 0.4 mm Gust 11.0 mph Sunshine 4.8 hrs

6th: A frosty start with some early mist quickly clearing to leave a fine day with prolonged sunshine. Max. 9.7 °C Min. 0.6 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 8.1 mph Sunshine 8.2 hrs

7th: Fog to start the day, clearing to reveal good spells of sunshine. Wind picking up later, but all the while remaining light. Outbreaks of light rain overnight. Max. 9.7 °C Min. 0.4 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 8.1 mph Sunshine 6.2 hrs

8th: Cloudy to begin with, but skies clearing through the morning to reveal a fine day with good spells of sunshine. The calm before the arrival of Storm Ciara on the 9th. Wind increasing overnight into the 9th, but remaining largely dry. Max. 12.0 °C Min. 5.8 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 52.8 mph Sunshine 3.8 hrs

9th: Storm Ciara brings strong winds, gusting to gale force, and spells of heavy rain to the county. Widespread disruption to travel and structural damage is reported. Max. 12.9 °C Min. 3.8 °C Rain 7.0 mm Gust 59.5 mph Sunshine 0.5 hrs

10th: Not as windy as the 9th, but a moderate to fresh breeze persisting. Some spells of sunshine and wintry showers with some brief spells of wet snow mixed in. Max. 8.4 °C Min. 1.8 °C Rain 5.0 mm Gust 34.9 mph Sunshine 2.2 hrs

11th: A moderate breeze persisting for much of the day, making it feel quite raw at times. Good spells of sunshine, but hail showers breaking out through the afternoon. Max. 6.5 °C Min. 1.9 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 38.9 mph Sunshine 5.1 hrs

12th: Dry during daylight hours with prolonged spells of sunshine. Winds falling light. Outbreaks of heavy rain overnight into the 13th, but clearing before dawn. Max. 8.0 °C Min. 3.4 °C Rain 4.7 mm Gust 32.7 mph Sunshine 6.3 hrs

13th: Some brighter spells during the morning, but otherwise generally rather cloudy with some occasional drizzly spells. Temperatures tending to fall sharply overnight into the 14th. Max. 9.5 °C Min. 1.9 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 24.8 mph Sunshine 2.3 hrs

14th: Early morning mist clearing, but remaining generally cloudy and with the breeze picking up through the day. Outbreaks of rain overnight into the 15th. Max. 11.1 °C Min. 4.0 °C Rain 3.6 mm Gust 31.3 mph Sunshine 0.7 hrs

15th: A freshening breeze and occasional showers during the daytime brought by the arrival of Storm Dennis. The wind picking up significantly after dark, gusting in excess of 50mph and then a period of heavy rain with the wind easing. Max. 13.4 °C Min. 7.9 °C Rain 12.2 mm Gust 50.3 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

16th: Dry during the morning, but continuing windy with showers through the afternoon. Mostly dry overnight with one or two showers. Sunshine at dawn on the 17th. Max. 9.3 °C Min. 3.5 °C Rain 2.5 mm Gust 36.0 mph Sunshine 0.8 hrs

17th: Remaining quite breezy, but dry through the morning with some spells of sunshine. Sharp showers during the evening, but then dry overnight. Max. 10.7 °C Min. 2.7 °C Rain 0.8 mm Gust 34.4 mph Sunshine 3.9 hrs

18th: Dry initially with some sunshine through the morning, clouding over towards lunchtime with afternoon showers. Max. 9.8 °C Min. 1.9 °C Rain 1.4 mm Gust 32.0 mph Sunshine 1.8 hrs

19th: Dry, but cloudy through the morning. Wind tending to freshen leading into outbreaks of showery rain through the afternoon. Max. 9.4 °C Min. 3.4 °C Rain 0.9 mm Gust 29.5 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

20th: Wind picking up through the morning followed by a spell of heavy rain around lunchtime. This rain then clearing to hail showers and occasional sunshine through the afternoon. Max. 10.1 °C Min. 2.4 °C Rain 5.0 mm Gust 45.2 mph Sunshine 1.2 hrs

21st: A cloudy day, but remaining essentially dry and with the wind freshening during the evening. Max. 12.0 °C Min. 5.2 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 44.5 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

22nd: Remaining windy through the morning, but easing through the afternoon. Mostly cloudy and feeling chilly in the breeze. Outbreaks of rain overnight into the 23rd. Max. 12.7 °C Min. 6.7 °C Rain 3.7 mm Gust 41.6 mph Sunshine 0.8 hrs

23rd: Winds initially fresh, but falling light through the afternoon. Some spells of sunshine. Mostly dry, but outbreaks of light rain overnight into the 24th. Max. 12.6 °C Min. 3.7 °C Rain 0.2 mm Gust 40.5 mph Sunshine 3.4 hrs

24th: Heavy rain through the morning clearing to leave a dry, albeit cloudy afternoon. Wind freshening during the day, but easing off later. Turning cold overnight into the 25th with clear skies emerging. Some occasional rogue light showers around dawn. Max. 12.2 °C Min. 2.9 °C Rain 3.1 mm Gust 35.6 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs


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