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Note: The climatological data contained in this diary is based on the output of the automatic weather station. Click here to access official data from the Met Office.

1st: A very different day. Cold, breezy and overcast. Max. 8.3 °C Min. 4.3 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 22.1 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

2nd: Another cool and cloudy day with a moderate breeze. Some very brief spells of sunshine early evening. Max. 8.7 °C Min. 3.8 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 15.0 mph Sunshine 0.5 hrs

3rd: A cold day, generally cloudy but with some brief spells of sunshine late afternoon. Max. 9.3 °C Min. -0.6 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 15.4 mph Sunshine 1.9 hrs

4th: A fine day with prolonged spells of warm sunshine. Max. 15.9 °C Min. 6.7 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 14.8 mph Sunshine n/a

5th: A cold day, starting with snow showers but sunshine coming through by mid morning and continuing for the rest of the day. No observations available.

6th: Another cold day. Prolonged sunny spells through the morning with frequent snow showers developing through the afternoon. Max. 6.4 °C Min. -2.6 °C Rain 0.2 mm Gust 39.4 mph Sunshine n/a

7th: Dusting of lying snow quickly dissolving before 0900GMT. Cloudy to start and continuing cold, but some spells of sunshine coming through mid morning.  Max. 7.0 °C Min. 2.4 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 26.2 mph Sunshine 3.0 hrs

8th: A fine day and feeling slightly less cold. Sunny spells through the morning, turning cloudier later. Max. 12.6 °C Min. 4.3 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 20.4 mph Sunshine 2.0 hrs

9th: Cloudy with spells of drizzle and light rain. Max. 8.1 °C Min. 2.8 °C Rain 1.7 mm Gust 12.8 mph Sunshine 0.2 hrs

10th: Another cloudy. Spells of intermittent rain during the early morning, returning late afternoon. Max. 8.8 °C Min. 0.1 °C Rain 0.3 mm Gust 19.2 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

11th: A cold day, but with some good spells of sunshine. Showers of hail, sleet and snow through the afternoon. Max. 7.6 °C Min. -0.3 °C Rain 0.1 mm Gust 25.3 mph Sunshine 6.7 hrs

12th: A fine day. Cold initially, but feeling milder later with prolonged spells of sunshine. Max. 10.1 °C Min. 1.4 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 15.2 mph Sunshine 6.3 hrs

13th: A fine day with prolonged spells of sunshine. Max. 12.1 °C Min. 2.8 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 9.6 mph Sunshine 11.4 hrs

14th: Continuing fine and dry with prolonged spells of sunshine. Max. 11.5 °C Min. 0.1 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 15.0 mph Sunshine 8.0 hrs

15th: Another fine day with good spells of sunshine. Showers though before 0900GMT on the 16th. Max. 11.1 °C Min. 0.2 °C Rain tr mm Gust 13.0 mph Sunshine 6.9 hrs

16th: Another chilly start, but an otherwise fine day albeit remaining rather cloudy. Max. 10.2 °C Min. -0.5 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 5.8 mph Sunshine 0.5 hrs

17th: A chilly start with a touch of frost, but otherwise a fine day with prolonged spells of sunshine. Max. 14.3 °C Min. 0.7 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 13.4 mph Sunshine 13.6 hrs

18th: Much the same as the pass few days. A chilly start leading into a fine day with prolonged spells of warm sunshine. Max. 15.7 °C Min. 1.9 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 6.9 mph Sunshine 13.1 hrs


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