1st: Further snow showers through the morning, but generally becoming drier towards lunchtime. Remaining very cold and generally cloudy. A further very light dusting of snow during the evening and overnight into the 2nd. Max. 3.4 °C Min. -0.4 °C Rain 1.0 mm Gust 23.9 mph Sunshine 0.2 hrs

2nd: A frosty start, but an otherwise fine day with some prolonged sunshine. Turning very cold overnight into the 3rd with temperatures tumbling widely below freezing. Max. 4.3 °C Min. -3.7 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 27.3 mph Sunshine 6.4 hrs

3rd: Another fine day with some good spells of sunshine through the morning and afternoon. Still cold by day, but temperatures overnight staying above freezing as cloud and rain rolls in from the west. Max. 6.3 °C Min. -1.8 °C Rain 3.1 mm Gust 28.0 mph Sunshine 6.6 hrs

4th: Early rain quickly clearing then staying generally dry through the remainder of the day. Cloud persisting, apart from some brief afternoon sunshine.  Feeling noticeably milder than of late. Max. 10.6 °C Min. -0.8 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 20.8 mph Sunshine 2.5 hrs

5th: A chilly start with fairly widespread fog, clearing through the morning. Staying largely dry through the day, but with some drizzly spells late afternoon falling more as rain overnight. Max. 9.1 °C Min. 2.2 °C Rain 1.2 mm Gust 24.8 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

6th: Continuing mild. Overnight rain quickly clearing then dry for the remainder of the day. Wind freshening overnight into the 7th with further outbreaks of rain.  Max. 9.5 °C Min. 4.7 °C Rain 2.6 mm Gust 43.4 mph Sunshine 2.3 hrs

7th: Brief spells of sunshine during the day, but generally cloudy; the main feature being the fresh breeze. Outbreaks of rain overnight into the 8th.  Max. 9.4 °C Min. 4.9 °C Rain 0.2 mm Gust 40.5 mph Sunshine 2.4 hrs

8th: Unsettled. Windy with outbreaks of rain continuing on and off throughout much of the day. Some brief drier interludes during the morning and evening. Max. 11.3 °C Min. 4.9 °C Rain 1.8 mm Gust 38.7 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs

9th: A fine day with some good spells of sunshine through the morning, turning a little cloudier later. Strong winds at first, but gradually easing into the afternoon. Outbreaks of rain overnight into the 10th. Max. 9.8 °C Min. 3.4 °C Rain 6.6 mm Gust 39.6 mph Sunshine 2.0 hrs

10th: Outbreaks of rain through the morning clearing to squally showers through the afternoon. Spells of sunshine appearing later. Clearing skies overnight leading to a touch of frost around dawn on the 11th. Max. 6.8 °C Min. 1.3 °C Rain 3.2 mm Gust 38.5 mph Sunshine 1.7 hrs

11th: A frosty start, but an otherwise fine day with some prolonged spells of winter sunshine. Turning cold again overnight under largely clear skies. Max. 8.2 °C Min. 0.6 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 14.5 mph Sunshine 6.7 hrs

12th: A frosty start, but an otherwise fine day with some good spells of sunshine. Turning cloudier later. Max. 9.8 °C Min. 2.0 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 16.8 mph Sunshine 2.0 hrs

13th: A milder start to the day. Cloudy at first, but with some good spells of sunshine emerging later. Clear skies to end the day leading into a cold night with fog forming around dawn on the 14th. Max. 11.3 °C Min. 1.0 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 21.3 mph Sunshine 4.9 hrs

14th: Thick fog to start, but clearing to reveal a fine day with prolonged spells of sunshine. Becoming mild from an initially frosty start. Max. 13.2 °C Min. 1.6 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 10.5 mph Sunshine 8.5 hrs

15th: A frosty start with some early morning mist quickly burning back to reveal a fine day with further prolonged spells of sunshine. Very mild for mid February. Max. 13.9 °C Min. 3.9 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 21.0 mph Sunshine 9.1 hrs

16th: A mild day and initially quite misty. The mist then clearing to leave the remainder of the day grey and overcast. Max. 12.6 °C Min. 5.7 °C Rain 0.0 mm Gust 22.1 mph Sunshine 0.0 hrs


Note: The data contained in this weather diary have been obtained from the automatic weather station and does not constitute official records. Click here to access official Met Office records.