c u r r e n t   l i g h t i n g   a n d   t h u n d e r s t o r m   a c t i v i t y

The following data is captured using Pitsford Hall's Boltek LD-250 lightning detector and presented by Astrogenic's NexStorm lightning detection software. The Boltek detector works by identifying the radio signals produced by lightning. Its direction-finding antenna provides information on the bearing of thunderstorms while storm distance is calculated from received signal strength.

The image below has an auto range facility, which will zoom in to the closest thunderstorm to Pitsford Hall. The plot is updated every 10 minutes and previous lightning strikes remain on the map for 3 hours.

Report on Thunderstorm Activity detected at Pitsford Hall
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Automatic Notification of Approaching Thunderstorms (TSENTRY)

TSentry has been withdrawn.