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A summary of notable weather events from across Northamptonshire.

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7 January

Following a protracted spell of cold weather, an official ice day is recorded at Pitsford as temperatures over the 24hrs starting at 0900GMT on the 7th peak at just -0.4C. Lows overnight plummet sharply to -4.2C with a grass minimum recorded at -8.4C. Temperatures rise later in the night resulting in the official maximum for the 7th recorded at 0900GMT on the 8th. The actual maximum during the daytime was -1.6C at 1300GMT.

Left: Trend in temperature recorded at Pitsford beginning just before 1800GMT on 4th culminating in the 'ice day' on the 7th. Right: Early mist and fog quickly lifts to sunshine, but temperatures remain below freezing with frost lingering all day.

9 January

The cold weather continues with another ice day being recorded at Pitsford. Temperatures during the afternoon hover just below freezing with a maximum of -0.1C. Patchy mist and fog also lingers in places throughout much of the day.

Above: a common feature of the current frosty weather across the county - so-called 'cat ice' forming in puddles. Cat ice is a thin sheet of ice from which the water underneath has receded, leaving it supported only at its edges. It is so named because it might support the weight of a light-footed cat, but no more.

30 & 31 March

Two unseasonably warm days are recorded at Pitsford - 21.8C on the 30th and 22.6C on the 31st, making these the warmest March days locally since 1968.


 Averages used in these reports refer to the period 1981-2010 unless otherwise indicated.