d a i l y   w e a t h e r   r e p o r t

f r o m   p i t s f o r d   w e a t h e r   c e n t r e 

released at 07:30 on Friday 05 March 2021


A cold front has slipped south-westwards across the UK with high pressure now taking charge centred to the north. This will maintain a fairly cold north-easterly airflow across the UK for the next few days.


It's a dry picture across the county this morning and, with high pressure firmly in charge, it will remain so for the remainder of the day. There is a fair amount of cloud across the region and whilst this may thin at times during the day, it will for the most part remain fairly overcast. Temperatures today will peak at around 7C with a light north-easterly breeze at first, dropping to near calm conditions later as the centre of the low edges closer. We are likely to see clear skies emerging early on in the night which will allow temperatures to fall sharply below freezing to around -3C. Some mist and fog is likely to form towards dawn on Saturday.


Saturday will remain dry, but it will be another cloudy day and with the early morning mist and fog taking a little time to clear with negligible breeze. Temperatures by day will be similar tomorrow with highs reaching 6C. The cloud will start to thin and break during the night and this will allow temperatures to fall back to around freezing in the towns, but another slight frost could be seen in more rural spots. Sunday will see very little change. High pressure will still be on the scene, but it will be slipping slowly southwards which will result in a change to a light north or north-westerly breeze. The majority of the day will remain under a fairly extensve blanket of cloud with highs struggling around 5C. Lows overnight will fall to 1C. The high will just about hold on to give a settled day on Monday, still with a good deal of cloud. However, conditions are set to turn more unsettled into next week with a change in wind direction to a milder westerly.




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