d a i l y   w e a t h e r   r e p o r t

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released at 07:30 on Thursday 13 August 2020


The UK continues to be dominated by a weak area of low pressure which will continue to drive thunderstorms across many areas.


There is a fresher feel across the county this morning, but it is still humid with mist and low cloud lying fairly extensively. There is just a small chance of a shower through the early part of the morning, but essentially most of the county will be dry before lunchtime with the mist burning back to reveal some spells of sunshine. It is through the afternoon and evening that we will see renewed activity from thunderstorms and there is the potential once again for some torrential downpours for some places. Temperatures will be a little slower to get going today on account of the cloud and will be tempered by showers later in the day and so a high of 27C is more likely, bringing to an end the current trend for highs in the low 30s. The risk of thundery showers will continue on into the night, but they will become more isolated and more confined to areas north and west of the county. Lows will fall to 16C. The breeze today will be a gentle north or north-easterly, becoming gusty in the vicinity of those thunderstorms expected later.


We will notice the trend towards cooler temperatures tomorrow with highs not rising much above 24C. The day is likely to remain fairly cloudy with a small risk of showers, possibly thundery, later in the day. As these showers clear we are likely to see some brighter sunnier skies emerging. The breeze will remain gentle, still from the north-east. Overnight will remain dry with lows falling to 16C. Friday will be a cooler day still. Initially dry, we are likely to see showers developing fairly quickly through the morning and into the first part of the afternoon. There could still be some rumbles of thunder in and around these showers, but conditions will turn drier later in the afternoon and towaeds evening. Highs will reach 21C, falling overnight to 15C and still with a light north-easterly breeze.




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