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3 January	The Environment Agency releases a Severe Flood
		Warning for the River Nene between Billing and
		Denford following two days of heavy rain: 25.5mm
		falling in 48 hours since 0900hrs on 1st at Pitsford

		The notice is downgraded to a Flood Warning at

3 January 	At 19.37hrs the Environment Agency extends its 
		Flood Warning on the River Nene to include the Bridge 
		Street & industrial areas of Thrapston, Barnwell and 
		Oundle Mills. By evening several properties are being
		inundated by the rising river levels.

19 March	Sun pillar (optical phenomenon) observed in Pitsford
		at sunset. Also noted from other localities. 

31 May		An unusually warm final week in May culminates with
		a daytime maximum of 27.5C at Pitsford Hall. Maxima
		from the 28th onwards had peaked in the low to mid
		20's. The 'mini' heat wave was also dry lacking any
		convectional/thunderstorm activity.

		A partial eclipse of the sun is also observed across
		the county. Mist and cloud cleared just in time for
		the eclipse to be seen. The full annular eclipse
		was observed further north in Scotland.

22 June		Daytime maximum of 28.9C triggers a thundery breakdown
		to a warm spell of weather. Thunder is first reported
		shortly after 14.00 hrs. Prolonged and heavy rain
		during the evening and overnight delivers 18.9mm
		in the space of 7.3 hrs.

16 July		Hot spell ends with a thundery breakdown as 8.8mm of
		rain is delivered at Pitsford in less than one hour.
		Temperatures reached maxima of 30.1C, 31.6C and 28.7C
		on the 14th, 15th & 16th respectively.

4 August	A speed limit of 20mph is imposed on trains south
		of Northampton to prevent damage to the rails as
		air temperatures exceed 30C and track temperatures
		reach 50C.

6 August	Heatwave continues as temperatures reach 32.5C
		making this the hottest August day in Northampton
		since 11 August, 1997 (33.1C) and the fourth hottest 
		since 9 August, 1911 (35.3) when the old UK record
		for the hottest day was noted at Raunds (36.7C) until
		beaten by Cheltenham in 1990. Only August 1990 and
		August 1995 recorded higher temperatures (35.6C and
		34.6C respectively).

9 August	Heatwave continues as temperatures rise to 34.1C
		at Pitsford making this the hottest August day in
		Northampton since 1995 (34.6C) and the third
		hottest since 1911.

10 August	Thunderstorms destroy the county's chances of
		retaking the UK highest temperature record on a day
		when 36C or more was forecast. However, the 1990
		Cheltenham record (37.1C) is beaten by Brogdale nr 
		Faversham (38.5C). Temperatures at Pitsford Hall 
		climbed to a mere 30.9C.

24 August	14 days elapse since any rainfall is recorded at
		Pitsford Hall signalling the start of an official

31 August	The month ends without any significant rainfall
		(i.e. wet days with 1mm or more of rain) recorded
		since 10th August making this the driest August
		in Northampton since 1947.

28 October	The first significant rainfall across the county
		since the start of the summer. 12.7mm is recorded
		over 17.7hrs at Pitsford Hall. The rainfall comes
		as a great relief for farmers across the county
		bemoaning the loss of this year's oilseed rape
		and Anglian water whose reservoirs at Pitsford
		and Ravensthorpe are suffering falling levels.

30 October	A further 18.3mm of rain is delivered in over 17
		hrs - again welcome relief for farmers.

The weather extremes documented here are generally only those observed at Pitsford Hall Weather Station. Reports received of extreme events in other parts of the county are indicated by *.